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A Collection Of Random Thoughts, Wonderful Memories, Lunatic Ideas (and maybe secrets as well).

Get it? so you GET IT! (my year-ender-2011)

I have read some blogs, articles, videos and books on hope, recovery, inspiration, philosophy, dreaming, faith, and life in general. These things have really inspired me to do more though it is really hard to start because what you used to do became your comfort zone already. It is very hard to jump out of a comfort zone to land on a supposing “better zone”. I have learned some from the aforementioned sources. I think one of them would be letting it out in the open. According to a youtube musician/actor/director Chris Commisso (who is undergoing some personal struggle), “one way conquer your fears is to let it out, let everyone know about it, don’t hide it” (or something like that). 

I wanna start by writing down what I wanna do and what I wanna have. A bucket list! Yes. Hmmm.. I think I have actually written some down from years back and I think I’m gonna find it from a self-constructed notebook. After some minutes, here’s what I found in my notebook. Songs about what I will write a song about.

Write songs about: (written around april of 2006)
1. God
2. for parents
3. me 
4. for friends - X
5. for siblings
6. for special someone - X
7. for the environment 

As I can recall, yes these two with the x’s are the only ones that I have made a song with. 

So here I go, with my 1st bucket list ever made (around april of 2006)
1. write a song - X (there’s a different list to that)
2. write a play/novel/script - X (novel is not done yet til 2012 but scripts a lot)
3. travel to several places - X (yes, locally, province-wise)
4. act in a theater play - X (as pocahontas but I wanted it to be in a larger stage)
5. serve Him - X (but I wanna do more)
6. greet my close friends on air - X (back then I had so shallow dreams)
7. collect my jewelries or anything - X (made on my own and bought)
8. live my life alone at the right time - X (this is specific)
9. make myself and my family proud - X (I think they have been)
10. get rid of what I hate - X (what?! I can’t believe I included this one)
11. make a movie / music video - X (did the music video 3 years back)
12. be a witch / be part of the Harry Potter series - ? (duh! Harry Potter’s done)
13. be a director—professionally? Idk - X (yeah this is exactly how I wrote it)
14. have my own home in a different & in a modern society - ? (I’ll take that back coz I’d make my home near to where my old home was)
15. I’ll make a school of music/arts - ? (really? i thought of that??) 

This is checking my bucket list that was done 6 years ago, as of January 2, 2012. I did not really make a timeline to what year these goals should be achieved but atleast after six years, there they are, they are somehow achieved. As each number progresses, I can say that I haven’t really written at a more specific aspect at what I wanna do. That’s a learning, in setting a goal it should be very specific.  

  This is really surprising me. Things that I have thought back then. I wrote them down and got access to them six years later. I really should be doing the same to see what happened years later, it’s cool. Really. If you haven’t done so. Try it. It’s really cool coz you get to recall what you were back then. The part of you that you probably forgot a little.

So now I wanna remake my bucket  list as I am hearing this music by Charlene, “I’ve Never Been To Me”. This is about what people might have been or gone to but still searching for some things that are even more fulfilling than the things mentioned in the lyrics. 

January 2, 2012. This will be achieved by the end of the year 2012.

1. book even one show @ the Outpost Restobar in Gorordo Ave. good for Valentine’s Day and sing an original
2. get my yoga classes started @ F. Ramos St. on thurs and sats.
3. buy me some cool clothes
4. compose some really heart-warming songs
5. forget about the pains totally
6. watch a really worth-it concert in waterfront or even in manila
7. meet and sing together with jason mraz on stage (might not be this year but who knows)
8. get to singapore to stroll with kuya Ron.  

Let’s make a n eight-goal bucket list for now, who knows. 
I’d love these things to happen. I just might make another bucket list for a different level. This bucket list is actually at a higher level. We’ll go down to a smaller scale.

This will be the year for me. I will make it my year!
Thanks to the people and the links, and the articles, and the influences, and the unexpected incidents that led me to the directions where I’ll find contentment and fulfillment. That’s to art. I am so into life right now and life and art are just two things that just won’t grow apart. These things I attribute to life itself and to the great creator. Thank you Lord! 

May you be filled with gratefulness for whatever you have right now. If you think your life isn’t worth it, just think of a wheel. If you’re down right now, there’s nowhere else to go but right…up.. there………..

Get it? so you GET IT!



  • 1 January 2012